Commitment to the environment

Which initiatives has Hotel Teotihuacán implemented?

Hotel Teotihuacán is committed in adopting a policy of responsible tourism through various initiatives which has already been implemented and are still being further developed.

  • Use of solar systems for heating in all rooms (this solar system needs a little bit more time than a conventional boiler. When using the shower or the jacuzzi, thanks for waiting a little bit until the water is hot, although it doesn't take long).
  • Installation of saving light bulbs or with LED technology in all the hotel
  • Use of biodegradable detergents and outdoor drying
  • Water saving showers: This is the reason for why the water pression is low.
  • Amenities made of biodegradable, recycled and recyclable materials
  • The cups that you will find in your room are made of plant base. Furthermore, in our restaurant we offer the option to help you in this case and to give you your takeaway food in containers made of plant base.
  • Waste sorting and recycling
  • Promotion of the culture and traditions by contributing in significant local festivals